ASP.NET MVC Partial View Validation From Client Side

I have come across one problem regarding client side validation for form submit where form resides in partial view
I have gone through many forums and articles but very few have explained it with complete example

Guess what I have done? Made one simple and small demo that I am going to explain

How unobtrusive validation works and problem associated with partial view
  • Unobtrusive validation is a unique feature. One can easily bind server side validation to client side validation provided by JQuery plugin.
  • Unobtrusive validation binds special attributes to field on load event, which are used to bind your own rules defined inside the model with rules implementation provided by JQuery library.
  • However, when you create a partial view fields in new form are without those special attributes and so validation is not working.
  • One of the solution is to load unobtrusive .js file again. It works but you need to load something twice wasting resources.
  • There is a method “parse” in unobtrusive plugin , which is responsible for creating validation
  • There is a method “parse” in unobtrusive plugin , which is responsible for creating validation attributes , adapters and also what’s really important errorPlacement adapter. Everything you need. Knowing all of this we can just use this “parse” on the form and everything should work fine.

Higher level we could divide this exercise in three sections moving forward step by step we are going to try to accomplish each section

Section 1 : Setup & Configuration

  • STEP 1 : Bundle following files in BundleConfig class BundleConfig
    • JQuery (for DOM management)
    • JQuer UI (for Dialogue box)
    • jquery.unobtrusive & jquery.validate (for validation)
    • “~/Content/css” for site.css (for site design)
    • “~/Content/themes/base/css” JQuery UI CSS (for dialogue box design)
  • STEP 2 : _layout page  _layout
    • Add STEP 1 bundles in _layout page
    • Note replace render section of script to bottom after jquery, jqueryui & jqueryval bunder
  • STEP 3 : Add appsettings in web.config  Web.config
    • set ClientValidationEnabled true
    • set UnobtrusiveJavaScriptEnabled true

#Section 1 is completed let us move forward to section 2

Section 2 : Back-end side

  • STEP 1: AddUserViewModel Model that includes following  Model
    • Properties
    • validate properties using DataAnnotations using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations
  • STEP 2: Create partial view incorporates followings  Partial View
    • Associated Model
    • Form elements without submit as it will be taken care of by dialogue box button
    • Validation message
  • STEP 3: HomeController has two responsibilities  HomeController
    • Render partial view (i.e. AddUserPartialView)
    • Handle submit data on form POST (i.e. AddUserInfo)

#Section 2 is completed let us move forward to section 3

Section 3 : Front end side (Index.chtml)

  • STEP 1: Add dialogue box container and adduser button Ref Code
  • STEP 2: Add button click event to open dialogue box (i.e. $(“#AddUserForm”).dialog({…}) Ref Code
  • STEP 3: Load rendered partial view in dialogue box
    • (i.e. $(‘#AddUserForm’).load(‘@Url.Action(“AddUserPartialView”, “Home”)’, function () {…}) ) Ref Code
  • STEP 4: Call “parse” in unobtrusive plugin, which is responsible for creating validation attributes Ref Code
  • STEP 5: Register form submit event on load of dialogue box (i.e. $form.submit(function () {..}) ) Ref Code
  • STEP 6: post serialized form data to /Home/AddUserInfo action by AJAX Ref Code
  • STEP 7: AJAX event has two handlers success and error Ref Code
  • STEP 8: Last but not the least add two buttons “Add User” and “Cancel” in dialogue box Ref Code
    • “Add User” call form submit
    • “Cancel” close dialog box

Source code:-
Video Help :-

Note: If anybody faces error while building project

  • Right click on solution
  • Enable NuGet Package Restore (will take few minutes to finish)
  • Tools -> Library Package Manager -> Package Manager Console
  • Some NuGet Packages are missing from this solution. Click to restore.
  • Press Restore (will take several minutes)
  • Build Successful and works like charm

Video Help :-

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